Line and Wall Following Robot with Object Detection and Avoidance

Line and Wall Following Robot with Object Detection and Avoidance

Introduction: Embarking on my second robotics project at the age of 17, I set out to create a Line and Wall Following Robot equipped with advanced capabilities such as object detection and avoidance. Driven by my passion for robotics and programming, I envisioned a robot that could navigate complex environments autonomously. Programmed in C language and utilizing a Microchip controller, this project represented a significant leap in complexity and functionality compared to my previous endeavors. In this narrative, I'll recount the development journey of this remarkable robot, highlighting its key features and the experience of presenting it at the 2015 SLIIT Robo Fest competition.

Key Features:

Line and Wall Following Capabilities: The robot was designed to seamlessly follow predefined paths marked by lines, utilizing sensors to detect and adjust its trajectory. Additionally, it could navigate along walls using proximity sensors, ensuring smooth and accurate traversal through various environments.

Object Detection and Avoidance: Incorporating three ultrasound sensors, the robot was equipped to detect obstacles in its path. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms, it could autonomously maneuver around obstacles while maintaining its course, demonstrating advanced navigation capabilities.

LCD Display Interface: A notable feature of the robot was its LCD display, providing real-time feedback on detected objects and navigation status. This user-friendly interface enhanced interaction and facilitated monitoring of the robot's operation during runtime.

Custom PCB Design and Assembly: From conceptualization to realization, every aspect of the robot, including the design and assembly of the printed circuit board (PCB), was meticulously executed by me. Utilizing PCB Wizard software, I crafted a robust and reliable PCB to support the robot's functionality.

Experience at Competition:

Participating in the SLIIT Robo Fest competition provided an invaluable opportunity to showcase the capabilities of the Line and Wall Following Robot on a competitive platform. Presenting my creation among peers and enthusiasts alike, I witnessed firsthand the excitement and innovation prevalent in the robotics community. Despite stiff competition, my robot's performance garnered recognition and admiration, further fueling my passion for robotics and engineering.

Conclusion: The Line and Wall Following Robot with Object Detection and Avoidance represents a significant achievement in my journey as a robotics enthusiast and innovator. Its advanced features, coupled with its successful presentation at the SLIIT Robo Fest competition, underscore its significance as a testament to creativity, ingenuity, and technical proficiency. As I continue to explore new frontiers in robotics and technology, I draw inspiration from the lessons learned and experiences gained through the development of this remarkable project.