The Innovative Modern Alcohol Detector

The Innovative Modern Alcohol Detector

Introduction: In my journey through high school, I embarked on a mission to tackle a pressing issue in Sri Lanka—drunk driving. Witnessing the challenges law enforcement faced with traditional alcohol detection methods, I was inspired to create an innovative solution that would revolutionize DUI prevention efforts. This solution, born from my creativity and determination, evolved from a basic LED light indicator device to a sophisticated system with an LCD display and portable printer. This journey of innovation not only brought recognition and accolades but also instilled in me a deep sense of pride and accomplishment.

Overview: My journey began with a simple idea—to develop a cost-effective and portable alcohol detection system that could rival traditional methods. The initial LED light indicator device marked the first step in this journey, offering a glimpse into the potential of my innovation. As I delved deeper into the development process, the system evolved, incorporating an LCD display for enhanced accuracy and a portable printer for issuing test result receipts. Each iteration brought me closer to realizing my vision of creating a game-changing solution for DUI prevention.

Key Features:

  1. LED Light Indicator Device: The inception of my innovation, this device utilized LED light indicators to display alcohol consumption levels, laying the foundation for future advancements.

  2. LCD Display Version: Building upon the success of the LED indicator device, the LCD display version offered improved accuracy and readability, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of my invention.

  3. Integration of Portable Printer: The final iteration of my innovation saw the integration of a portable printer, enabling law enforcement officers to issue test result receipts to drivers, promoting transparency and accountability.

Impact and Recognition

My innovation has garnered widespread recognition and acclaim, earning me accolades such as the first place in the All-Island School Innovation Competition and the Honor of Invention 3rd International Young Inventors Award. Beyond the awards, however, the true impact of my invention lies in its potential to save lives and prevent alcohol-related accidents on the roads of Sri Lanka. This innovation has not only transformed DUI prevention efforts but has also inspired future generations of innovators to tackle societal challenges with creativity and determination.

Conclusion: In crafting this alcohol detection system, I embarked on a journey of innovation that has left an indelible mark on me. From the humble beginnings of a high school project to the recognition and accolades received on a global scale, this journey has shaped me into the innovator I am today. As I reflect on my accomplishments, I am filled with a sense of pride and gratitude for the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on road safety in Sri Lanka and beyond.


Honor of Invention 3rd International Young Inventors Award Innovation Competition - 2016

I was also honored with a special award by the World Invention Intellectual Property Association at the 3rd International Young Inventors Award Innovation Competition in 2016. Additionally, I won the gold prize for that innovation.

"Innova minds" Innovation competition - 2016

I won first place in the 'Inova Minds 2016' ALL Island School Innovation Competition in 2016.

ALL Island School innovation Competition - 2015

I won first place in the ALL-Island School Innovation Competition in 2015.

This innovation of mine was appreciated in Sri Lanka, where it received recognition and praise.

This innovation of mine was appreciated in Sri Lanka, where it received recognition and praise.